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Better care. $100 a month, no strings attached

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a new simplified approach to healthcare. A monthly membership that replaces the need for per-visit fees, and allows more personable access to your healthcare team.

Bottom line: less hassle, more time with your doctor. Better care.

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Why Direct Primary Care?

At Bluebonnet DPC we are focused on improving the doctor-patient relationship and giving our patients everything they need to maintain the highest quality of life. 

No Insurance Hassles

As a direct primary care practice we offer low cost medical care for families with AND without health insurance

Low-Cost Membership

Quality care for you and your family at one low-cost monthly fee

Office Visits Included

Bluebonnet DPC members have the luxury of seeing their doctor as often as needed, without worrying about per-visit fees.

Our Services

We give patients a comprehensive and integrated treatment

Doctor checking glucose level in diabetic patient

At Bluebonnet DPC we understand the challenges that someone living with diabetes will face, this is why we work closely with our patients to help them gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to manage their diabetes. 

Gynecologist with female patient in the office
Well-Woman Exams

Regular exams are key to long-term health and help to provide a baseline that your doctor can use to help identify and treat issues before they progress. At Bluebonnet DPC we make well-woman exams convenient and accessible to all our patients. 

Elderly Couples Dancing together

Bluebonnet DPC is committed to providing top tier treatment options for many short-term and long-term medical conditions that are closely related to age. 

Preventative Care

Preventive care services are the most important way to help identify and treat conditions before they can negatively impact your health. Bluebonnet DPC encourages annual checkups and provides discounted lab services to ensure our patients live a long healthy life. 

Personalized Care
Transparent pricing
Evidence Based Medicine
Increased Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite having insurance many people still pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year (on top of their premium)! Co-pays to your primary care physician and urgent care facilities add up. And even though you may have your primary care doctor under your traditional insurance model many people find that access to their doctor is limited. They have to wait weeks or even MONTHS to see their doctor. After getting the appointment, the waiting room time often warrants needing to take a full day off work and your quality time spent speaking with the physician can leave many people feeling like they didn’t get the attention they need. With DPC your quality of care increases and often times when you don’t have those co-pays and have access to cheaper labs/images you can save money while keeping your insurance. You can even change your insurance plan to a higher deductible to save on your yearly costs. However, for some people completely rethinking your insurance makes sense financially.  I am happy to help you find out what works best for you.

A Doctor of Osteopathic (D.O.) medicine completes medical school with the traditional training required of an MD. Added to this training are extra hours of instruction to understand and treat the musculoskeletal system.

A large part of D.O. training is a focus on the holistic approach to treating patients. I firmly believe in treating the patient and not the disease. While many times traditional medicines may be needed to achieve your best health, your care plan is always discussed completely to ensure your comfort and trust.

We are fully licensed physicians and as a family medicine D.O. I am capable of treating and managing all conditions that you would expect of a family medicine M.D.

I work closely with patients on an individual basis to evaluate the need for controlled substances and make the best decision for your health.

I am always more than happy to help you reduce or eliminate medications that you feel are not allowing you to be healthy physically or mentally.

Unfortunately I do not complete these forms at this time.

While my training did include pediatrics, I am not taking children in my practice at this time. However, I can recommend an excellent pediatrician who I work with closely and also uses the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. Please send me a message at [email protected] for more information.

Vacations with my family are a great way for me to recharge and relax and I highly encourage everyone make room for them and make them a priority.

I will always let you know when I intend to be out of the clinic to give you ample time to get an appointment scheduled or check your meds for any needed refills.

For shorter vacations I will be available for urgent issues virtually.

For longer vacations, when available, I will have another physician cover my urgent calls.

The terms of the particular vacation will be clearly communicated to you before I leave.

If the concern can not wait until the next business day you will have a method of contacting me or relaying the message to me. 
For other concerns, such as refills, minor injuries or illnesses, you can reach out that next business day for assistance. 

Certainly. With the proper information and a warranted need to be away from your work those papers can be completed. 

Meet your Doctor

As your primary care physician I can provide care for up to 80-90% of your medical needs but as your Direct Primary Care (DPC) physician I also give you access, transparency and perhaps most importantly, time! DPC allows us to create a trusting and growing relationship.

I believe in evidence-based medicine and honest conversations with my patients so that we can make decisions that affect your body and health together.

Join me in creating a health plan that is designed for you


Per Patient Ages 17 & up
$ 100
  • Office Visits Included
  • Telemedicine Visits Included
  • Discounted Labs & Images
  • In Office Procedures

Our Mission

To provide excellent and personalized medical care with increased transparency, access and improved patient-physician relationship by focusing on a small patient panel


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